Lion Face/Lemon Face 11.25.09

One face is pretty, the other is pain. Intros that barely rhyme are kind of lame.

Lion Face: Monta Ellis

Allright, 37  points on 29 shots ain’t the stuff to light up the advanced stats magic. 11 turnovers, even in 48 minutes is ungodly. Even the God of Turnovers looks at that and goes “Jesus, man! Stick ém!” But for all his inefficiency, the Warriors don’t win this game without him. He probed, he stabbed, he conquered. Faders, up and unders, leaners, floaters, no threes, just shooting, shooting, shooting, and getting to the stripe. There were points late in the game where you knew the Mavericks were just hoping he’d be merciful or get tired or something, anything to stop torching them. I’m sure not having Nellie on the sideline had NOTHING to do with his 37 poing, 8 assist performance.

Lemon Face: The Dallas Mavericks’ manifest destiny.

No matter how much the Mavericks try and begin a new era, that playoff series in 07 continues to haunt them. A disaster team, runs them off the floor in the fourth, with shots that should be defensible. What magical power do the Warriors’ jerseys have over Dallas coaches? You’re watching the late game lineup of Kidd-Barea-Terry fail over and over again (you might as well trot out Mugsy Bogues in that lineup and call it good), and yet Carlisle sticks with it. But then, that’s why they call it a bum rush, and why they say you can’t stop it.

Lion Face: Antawn Jamison

32 points on 23 shots, 14 boards, 8 on the offensive glass. Someone on Twitter noted how crazy it is that he gets so little recognition. At his age, still pouring it in. Why does this guy not get the Ray Allen swan song? Oh, that’s right, because Gilbert Arenas is a space cadet and the Wizards are cursed. That’s right.

Lemon Face: New Jersey Nets

There. Now let us never speak of that again.

Lion Face: NBATV crew

Webber’s comes leaps and bounds, McHale is solid, and Andre does a great job hosting. Really enjoying their work this season in between games.

Lemon Face: Mike D’Antoni

Hey, I figured out what it’ll take Mike to play Toney Douglas (12 points in just under 17 minutes). HELL FREEZING OVER. Good, God, Mike. I’ve defended your Duhon love the past few weeks, but the time has come!

Lion Face: Kobe Doin’Work

34 points on 20 shots. I’m pretty sure he’s going to start hitting four point shots soon.

Lemon Face: Jazz

Lost to the Thunder. At home. OKC’s better. They’re not that much better.

Lion Face: Abe Pollin

Rest easy, sir.

Matt Moore

Matt Moore is a Senior NBA Blogger for's Eye on Basketball blog, weekend editor of Pro Basketball Talk on, and co-editor of Voice on the Floor. He lives in Kansas City due to an unbelievably complex set of circumstances and enjoys mid-90's pop rock, long walks on the beach and the novels of Tim Sandlin.