As An Added Bonus, He Doesn’t Shove Children

When Glen Davis comes back, Shelden knows he will be a fight for minutes. Doc has actually reversed that and now says that Davis will have to fight for minutes. It should be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

Davis knows the playbook, is ahead of the curve on the defensive schemes and can play both the power forward and center positions. To many, Davis’ recent off court incident hasn’t helped. Shelden Williams appears to be a low maintenance kind of player, and a quick learner.

In the mean time, Shelden Williams has raised eyebrows with his play, is feeling like he did in college and is making the most of his time for the benefit of the Celtics and himself.

via Shelden Williams Making No Presumptions – CelticsBlog.

I’ll say it. I think Shelden Williams is a better player than Glen Davis.


Look, I get that Davis is all heroic and lovey-dovey and he hit that big shot that ended up not mattering because he  couldn’t guard Rashard Lewis with a machine gun, but Shelden Williams has earned his minutes. As Jeff’s piece lines up, his rebounding numbers are great. Not good. Great, for the minutes he’s putting in.

Let’s even take out the rebounding, where Shelden slaughters him dead dead dead. Let’s take a look at what Davis is supposed to bring to this team, that all the Celtics fans were all excited about in the Bulls series. That mid-range shot.

Davis v. Williams (per 40, HoopData, natch)

We’re going to compare this season to Davis’ last season, and make a huge leap in saying Williams will stay at this pace. There’s ample reason to suggest he won’t, but play along. (There’s also ample reason to believe Davis will regress, but we’ll get there.)

At the Rim: Davis (08 Season): 59% < Williams (09 Season): 61%

>10 Feet: Davis (08): 33% (VOMIT ALERT) Williams 25% (DOUBLE VOMIT ALERT)

10-15 feet: Davis (08): 20% Williams (09): 67%

16-23 feet: Davis (08): 41% (up 4% from rookie season) Williams (09): 40% (same as last season)

I won’t waste your time with their three point numbers.

So Davis shoots better than Williams between the rim and ten feet,  but Williams attempts only .8 per 40 from there versus 1.4 for Davis. Williams knows he can’t hit that shot.  And Davis shoots 1% better than Williams from 16-23 feet, or, if you’ve been paying attention, THE LEAST EFFICIENT SHOT ON THE FLOOR. Besides, KG’s back! You want him taking that shot! It’s the only one left in his wheelhouse! Give the old man his shot or he will eat your face, Davis! EAT YOUR FACE!

Meanwhile, between 10 and 15 feet, the mid-range, Williams shoots 47% better while attempting about as many shots (.1 attempts more). And even if you look at Williams’ uneven performance over his career from that spot, he’s got higher points that Davis’ small sample size.

Oh, yeah, and he crushes Davis in PER.

I think Davis has a place on this team. But to claim that Davis is more versatile than Williams because he knocked down a few uncontested jumpers in key moments last season and that gives him the minutes is kind of odd.  Besides, you don’t want him taking those shots now. You have KG, Pierce, Allen, and Rondo House.

Sit the baby.

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