The Fear They Won’t Fall

‘m sure there are some religious passages that refer to the dangers of temptation, and Brandon Jennings could just as easily play the part. If too many people jump on the bandwagon, he might just reveal himself to be a snake-headed woman with a penchant for carnage. Trust me. The bandwagon’s not safe.

Recall Jamaal Tinsley and his impressive debut. Or the fact that Gordon Giricek at one time in the not-so-distant past broke Allen Iverson’s record for points in a debut. Things happen in rookie seasons that never quite work out. So cool your jets. I’m not saying Jennings is on that level, he’s clearly in a world of his own – but that world is cold, twisted and bizarre.

Falling in love with Brandon Jennings is like trying to predict prom queen in freshman year – it’s impossible to make a safe assessment. As much as I would love to get in on the whole “He’s a rookie and he’s outplaying Player X, wahoo, let’s dance”, you know that come 2011 or 2012 he may just as well be overweight and skin-damaged from too many cigarettes between home economics and gym.

via The Good Point – Brandon Jennings, potentially filled with snakes.

This is why I hated that they had to play the Spurs last night. It was just one game, what’s the big deal, he can bounce back, they’re a tough team… they are the killers of all that is fun. That team sucks joy out of the world like no other. I actually like this squad quite a bit, they’re more likable than any iteration since the second championship, but they really do kill fun. And I actually seriously worry about them sucking his soul out.

I have my own concerns, so much hope poured into the kid. His ability to get 5+assists per game tends to alleviate the concerns somewhat, it’s nice to see that he can run the offense when he needs to. And George Hill is exactly the kind of player you want to defend him with, so he won’t be seeing that every night. But damn it, the season has started so well with him as a storyline (they’re on ESPN! Just like a real team!), I can’t bear the thought of him being crushed back into dirt before the March Rookie Well incident inevitably occurs.

Give him back his soul, Spurs. He’s too young to feast on.

Matt Moore

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