A Quandary: Play The Good Player, Or DON’T Play The Good Player

It seems sensible then that Bower will continue to start Devin Brown, evaluate if he is contributing this game or not, and then replace him earlier or later with Thornton for a burst of explosive firepower. There are also a number of you who have made comments that you are in agreement with the idea.

I’ve decided, however, that Thornton needs to start when Chris Paul returns for one reason only: Darren Collison.

via The Thornton Dilemna: 6th man or Starter? – Hornets247.com

Schwan times in with a discussion of Thornton in the context of rotation,and what’s best for the team and/or for Thornton. The idea of him being a scorer off the bench isn’t that bad a plan, in a Manu/Ben Gordon instant-offense mechanism, provided he gets the minutes. That’s really the issue. The starters will always naturally get more minutes, or at least, that’s the common conception. Maybe Bower will be more flexible. The Hornets, even given their recent success, need to maintain flexibility because things can go badly very quickly and they can’t afford to weather storms with this lineup.

It’s not just that Buckets can score, it’s the potential I see for him on the defensive end. He’s bad, we know this. But rookies can improve on that level, and his body-type lends itself to having advantages once he learns a bit. Of course, we’re talking Devin Brown so it’s not like he’s got to climb Kilimanjaro here.

Matt Moore

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