The Tricky Part Is Getting The Inflated Sense Of Self-Worth Just Right

Step 1- Make a rainbow shape

Step 2- Make another rainbow shape above the first, with a slightly higher arc. This will be LeBron’s headband. At the end of this step, it should resemble a banana shape.

Step 3- Make one more rainbow shape slightly above the top of the headband this will be Lebrons hair.

Step 4- Is a little tricky. Add the 2 shapes that you see. Notice that the one on (your) left is slightly larger than the one on (your) right.

via Learn How To Draw LeBron James | Hooped Up.

Hooped Up brings us “How to Draw LeBron James.”  I would totally try this if I didn’t completely suck at drawing. Then again, I completely suck at basketball and I still do this. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment about the drawing?

Matt Moore

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