Doc Rivers Is Not A Tyrant. He’s A Cheerleader.

He’s not a tryant. He’s willing to listen. I love the stories in today’s papers about the final play in OT. Via the Herald:

“Well, I drew up a play and Paul says, ‘Coach, no, let’s not run that play,’ ” said Rivers. “He said, ‘Either I’m going to get to the basket or Kevin’s going to get a shot.’

“Sometimes a coach is a good listener, and on that one I was. Honestly Paul called that. I had a completely different play. It was a good thing because he saw it. And Kevin needed that shot. It was great. Kevin had shots all night; he just couldn’t make them. So it was great for him to make the shot.”

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You notice how whenever there’s a huge moment for the Celtics, it’s the big three making the decisions? And whenever Doc winds up in the reins it results in either a low percentage shot or a fail? Yeah.

I actually really want to read the Doc Rivers biography when it comes out in ten years.  Because it’s clear that he does things that really garner the respect of knowledgeable basketball people. My problem is that I look at this team and it was the Titanic before the Big 3 summer, and then in 07-08 it was ran by the Big 3, and it continues to be ran by the Big 3. Boston fans point to him being a great motivator.

Does it look like Kevin Garnett needs motivation? Is Paul Pierce really lacking drive? Has Rondo stopped being a punk, or is he just an allowable unstable element?

If I need a campaign slogan, I’m going to Doc. If I need points or a stop, I’m going elsewhere. Help me out here, commenters. Is he a good all-around coach?

Matt Moore

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