Marcus Thornton: The Magnetic Bugaloo

Marcus Thornton

It feels like he’s magnetically attracted to the hoop. I’ll try and show this a lot more in my video post, but Thornton is always, always working off the ball. In fact, the majority of his offensive effort is completed by the time he catches the ball. This is why it seems like he’s always shooting a jumper or a lay-up off a pass. He gets open very easily, and he converts open shots- a great recipe for success.

Under Jeff Bower/Tim Floyd, Thornton has averaged a shade under 17 points per game. Even more interestingly, he’s taken 63 shots in around 110 minutes, making his usage rates even higher than Chris Paul’s last year. When he’s been on the floor, Thornton has essentially been our offense.

via Hornets Stay Hot at Home, Down Hawks – At The Hive.

Lil’ Buckets is turning heads. This is from the Hawks game, but he popped off even bigger against the Heat in a loss. The kid can play. Hornets need to turn Mo Pete’s contract into some cap room and get the kid some more minutes.

Matt Moore

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