Here’s A Thought, Go To A “Two Guards Who Can Actually Play” Lineup, Instead.

“I feel like we tried it, and you could say it worked at times,” Roy said. “But me sacrificing hurt the team, so it should get back to me playing full-out and getting some other guys in other areas to sacrifice a little bit.”

Said Miller: “We went 7-2, so I don’t think that’s a problem. And over half of the games were on the road. I’m not going to look at it that way. We won games.”

via McMillan Shelves Blazers’ 3-Guard Lineup — NBA FanHouse.

A look at McMillan benching the 3-guard set and its apparent success. You know, against the Wolves. Mighty challenge that they are. I can’t say I love that Roy is so driven by having the ball and getting his. This team is not going to win a championship by being the Brandon Roy show. They have to get even contributions from multiple players.

At some point, shouldn’t you just make Miller the starter? There’s enough minutes to get production out of both players, just have Miller come in and run the offense, get Roy the ball, play defense, make smart plays, work in transition, and earn his salary. Then Blake can come in and um… shoot three pointers and make some, sometimes?

It would take a lot to get me on Andre Miller’s side of the “should he play” debate. Nate McMillan has somehow managed to do so. He’s been better than I thought he’d be. Quit jerking him around.

Matt Moore

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