I Can’t Figure Out Why The Wizards Lack Consistency

Ok, so what’s on your pregame playlist … what gets you jacked up?

Right now I’m heavy on Drake … ummm Lil’ Wayne, anything Lil’ Wayne, Drake, T.I., Jay-Z. Those are the main four. If I’m real angry, I’ll go old school 2 Pac. But I got to be angry though … real angry.

You’re not angry tonight? 2 Pac is not going to get you up? It’s the Cavs, right?

It’s against the Cavs in November. I’m going to go with some Drake. But hey, if we see them late April or May, might have to be Pac.

via Truth About It » Washington Wizards On Wale and Pregame Music.

Truth talks to the Wizards about Wale and finds out most of them doesn’t know who he is. And Haywood actually brushes off going against the Cavs. I know they won and all. But come on! This is supposed to be a rivalry! Care, damn you! Care!

Matt Moore

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