R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Mike Woodson’s Getting It Gleefully

I have not liked Mike Woodson the whole time he has been coach. Through five years, I have only begrudgingly given him props for not screwing up. Even now, he is the last main cog for me to give my trust to. Still, with that baggage of disdain still dragging behind me, I read quotes like this one and cannot help but feel that weird feeling in the pit of your stomach I believe most people call “respect.”

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This year for Mike Woodson so far is like seeing your cousin who dropped out of high school get a really good job and get his or her life back on track. You doubted them the entire way and you feel like kind of a jerk, but you’re also really happy because he/she had a lot of bad things happen to them.

Atlanta fans, something to consider.

Three years ago, every Boston Celtics fan would tell you that Doc Rivers was one of the worst coaches in the league, the biggest problem they had an a gigantic bum. Now they will lay down in the street for him.

Also, two years ago, Mike Brown was considered an absolutely wretched coach and last year was coach of the year (start the countdown to him getting fired).

The gap between the two is not that wide, and Mike Woodson has had less to work with than either of them, in a bad ownership situation with constant talk of him being fired. There’s lots about Woodson’s job I don’t think has been great. But the way he’s handled it has been downright inspiring. He’s like the anti-Don Nelson.

Matt Moore

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