I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

“I got on him, and I rarely do, about the threes,’’ Rivers said of Wallace. “Because even though he was wide open, it’s really tough (emphasis mine-MM). I mean, he was wide open and he took two, but we had just taken two quick ones.”

via Doc to Sheed: Cut the 3s » Boston Celtics Basketball – Celtics news, rumors and analysis – CelticsHub.com.

No, it’s not tough. You do not tell a former All-Star 34% three point shooter not to take open shots. Not Rasheed Wallace. You knew this when you brought him in!

CelticsHub makes the point that he’s got to shoot a higher percentage or not take them, especially the guarded ones, and that’s fine. It’s not going to happen, since, you know, it’s Sheed (have you not being paying attention to everyone who said “Well, he’ll be good, but I mean, he’ll shoot. He’s Sheed!” Did you really not hear that for all the parade planning?).  But telling him NOT to shoot open threes? That’s like telling Ricky Davis not to take contested ones.

Matt Moore

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