The Painted Area: Yes, Brandon Jennings Is (Already!) Laughing Last

The point is not that we were right in our assessment of Brandon Jennings, and most NBA executives were wrong. We get some right, we get some wrong, so do the best of NBA scouts and executives, so does everyone. The point is why NBA executives were wrong on Jennings – there are some assumptions underlying the faulty evaluations on Jennings which need to change. We wrote in June that we “feel like Jennings is being questioned and moved down draft boards for a bunch of reasons completely unrelated to this question: Can he play?” It really did feel like evaluations of Jennings became more like a political topic than a basketball scouting report.

The Painted Area: Yes, Brandon Jennings Is (Already!) Laughing Last.

My man Haubs with what I can only describe as a complete analysis of what may end up being called the Jennings-Realignment. Mark makes a good point that the impact of Jennings’ predicted success at this point versus six months ago not only indicates a need for a drastic re-evaluation from high school seniors as to the best path for their careers, but also for how basketball personnel goes about its evaluations on draft picks.

A key element that I think lends itself strongly to the pro-Europe debate, you know, besides the money, cultural experience, immersion in basketball and the fact that you get to have sex with European groupies, is that they miss out on some of the things that can trip up a prospect here. If you go to a school with a persnickety coach who ends up not liking you, he’s going to tell coaches and GMs about your problems, and his opinion will have weight. Versus if the European coach says you suck, well, “What does he know? He rides a moped!”

In closing, Brandon Jennings is a Pterodactyl with Wings of Fire.

Matt Moore

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