The Celtics Have A Coupon For Average Combo-Forwards And They Would Like To Use It

Unfortunately, two things make him a bad fit: 1) His contract and its huge luxury tax implications for next season. Brian Robb already covered that; 2) He’s good at things the Celtics are already good at (three-pointers) and bad at one thing they are already struggling with (offensive rebounding). His skill set is somewhat duplicative in that way.

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Z-Lo talks about Andres Nocioni and uses the word “average” 11 times in one article. That’s a lot of average.

At what point do the Celtics realize that the world does not end in 2011 (nor in 2012 despite what John Cusack may tell you)? I mean, you’re talking about setting up your newly-extended point guard with Eddie House and Andres Nocioni as his weapons post-Big-3.  Noc’s fine, but didn’t deserve the contract he got from Chicago, and is only going to be, well, average.

Simmer down, C’s!

Matt Moore

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