Sports Media Watch: NBA on TNT up 36% in viewership

Through 8 games, TNT is averaging a 1.6 U.S. rating and 2.4 million viewers for NBA coverage, up 33% and 36%, respectively, from a 1.2 and 1.7 million through the same point last year.

via Sports Media Watch: NBA on TNT up 36% in viewership.

But really, it totally makes sense that the NBA has the least percentage per week of nationally televised games. Clearly. No market for it. Ah, well. It’s a win. We’re coming for you, baseball! And it won’t be hard to catch you since you’re slow! Get it? Your game is slow so in this theoretical scenario we can catch you! Get it?

Also, imagine how many more viewers we could get if the Nuggets weren’t on and parents could let their kids watch without fear of them seeing Birdman.

Matt Moore

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