Bartering Is Before Currency In Any Primitive Society’s Development

This is consistent with Michael Jordan’s strategy since he started shaping the Bobcats’ roster. Jordan doesn’t give a lot of interviews, but when he does speak he’s pretty candid: He’s said repeatedly that trading for existing contracts is a more reliable way to upgrade talent than hoarding cap space to pursue big-name free agents.

via Inside the NBA: On Jordan, Jackson and cap space.

I’d just like to point out the first comment on Bonnell’s latest update on the SJax trade.

“jordan can’t manage crap.”

Well, then. I’m not necessarily against the idea of using trades in a small-market environment versus cap space. I mean, what, if the Cats were to move Diaw and Wallace, and had an extra 15 million, who are they going after? Hey, Joe Johnson! Why don’t you come here for less money to play beside Raymond Felton! Why, hello Amar’e Stoudemire, yes, we would like to bring you on board to form a combo with Alexis Ajinca. But the issue is who you trade for. You just traded for Jackson, and now Monta Ellis is available, which would have been a much better deal.

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