A Desperate Cry To Stop The Pterodactyl With Wings of Fire

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If you’re not reading Nets are Scorching, begin doing so now. Their play-by-play breakdown is better than anything you’re going to see this side of JVG. Here they lay out what you have to do to stop Jennings (pretty simple, force him into contested jumpers, which you may call “playing good defense”). An interesting note is that going over screens is the preferred option, but you’ve GOT to bring man-help and NOT from the screener’s man. If you don’t bring help, he’s got the one-handed floater thing a la a young parker. If you do bring help, but with the screener’s man, he’s going to lob to the big. He’s gotten at least six assists this season off lobs to Bogut on pick and rolls. The kid’s not Ben Gordon.  Best option is to dare him into the drive and dish, because he’s not as accurate with that pass. You risk the wide open three, but his passing accuracy is worst on that pass, which gives you time to recover. You know, if he doesn’t just shoot over you.

Brandon Jenning is a Pterodactyl with wings of fire.

Matt Moore

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