Lil’ Buckets And The Oddyssey of Usage

Summary: Thornton’s PER is a crazy 18.74. A lot of that is due to PER’s heavy weighting on usage, where it gives players a bonus for taking a lot of shots, without caring about the quality of those shots. Still, if a few more of Thornton’s three’s can find their mark, he can be a pretty special player. I’m a little worried that his threes may continue to miss while his finishing ability start to fail since he’s finishing at a pretty crazy rate. That would start to make him more of a detriment than a positive.

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I can’t understand anyone watching Thornton as a Hornets fan and not being behind the kid. Defensively he’s still learning but his body size alone makes him preferable to his teammates, who you can only recognize by the faded scars that adorn their worn faces. Thornton’s shooting a ton, which I usually despise (read: Ben Gordon, the possession hijacker), but then, it’s the Hornets. Who the hell else is going to shoot?

Matt Moore

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