Great Exercises in Internet NBA-Related Postings 10.14.09

  • Royce from Daily Thunder talks to Adam Brown, the Sonicsgate producer, on the first DT podcast. It’s a terrific interview, and covers a lot of things I feel are glossed over in the whole Sonics-thing. Nice to hear that Adam had no intention of blasting or blaming OKC. I haven’t been able to find time to watch the damn thing yet (NEED DOWNLOAD, POR FAVOR), but I look forward to it.
  • 48MoH checks in with Ilardi on the whole Durant Debacle, while Pelton digs a little deeper. These are actually much better analyses than what Winston himself is providing (triple exclamation marks, WW? Really? Are you going to be posting an OMG YouTube video screaming “Leave Plus/Minus alone! (!!)” next? Additionally, I’m not really fond of the headline grabbing with this stuff. If you know metrics as well as he does, then you know that plus/minus, like PER or anything else, isn’t going to tell the whole story, same way scouting won’t. So to say you wouldn’t grab him for free is pretty clearly an attention grabber. And that’s just not in the spirit of research.
  • I just like this photo.
  • DWade, who went to school at Marquette, thinks Tulsa is depressing. Can’t wait for what he says about KC in two days… when I talk to him. (I won’t actually talk to him, but I will be attending the game. Expect lots of tweets.)
  • On Limbo, tinkering, and stuff.
  • I have no idea if Benson is still on squad or not. I damn well hope so.
  • Before bolting overseas, DJ Turtleface drops an epic Grizzlies preview that captures the very “hopeful, yet still stuck in a wasteland” feeling of the Grizzlies.
  • You’d think videos of Crazy Pills being Crazy Pills would get tiresome. But it’s like Sports Night. I can watch them all, get to the end, and then want to rewatch them.
  • No one else seems to think so, but I think the new TNT spots are hilarious. I’m concerned this may mean I would like Tyler Perry’s House of Pain.
  • Ryan Anderson, stealth money.
  • When the Celtics picked up Marbury, everyone said he was going to be a great contributer for a championship team. I said he was going to Stephon Marbury, useless tool who Walsh and D’Antoni were able to squeeze a few precious million out of.  Well, now. This is like the cherry on the sundae.
  • Another terrific podcast from a bunch of incredibly smart basketball guys. Also nice to throw in Cleveland to the “fans who are delusional in thinking their team can win 70 games.”

Matt Moore

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