Huh. Half The League’s In The Red, Huh? You Don’t Say.

You might look at this supercool infographic courtesy of SuperSonic Soul, and say, “Wow! No wonder Stern is reporting half the league is in the red. Despite their super-neat revenue sharing model, it would appear that in fact, if you don’t play in a major market, you’re pretty much FUBAR.”

Well, to that, sir, I would tell you, what’s really better? A truly fair system that allows for a level playing system so that every team’s fans truly have a chance at a championship and so the league can gain maximum brand exposure nationwide, which has worked out pretty well for the NFfreakingL? Or a system where super-cool big market teams get super-cool big market players and win lots of championships and ratings are superb as long as those specific markets are involved so we can make the most money?

One question. Why aren’t the Thunder on here? They actually did pretty well in their first sea…oh.


Matt Moore

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