Offseason Predictions (Twitter Style)

So we are officially in the offseason. For some, such as myself, this time of the year is even more exciting than the actual NBA season. Hyperboles abound, conspiracy theories run amok and trade rumors generate faster than new internet memes. Well, almost.

Speaking of internet memes, a few Twitter heavy bloggers, starting with the excellent Devine over at City Line started the #offseasonpredictions hashtag and Tweet driver. A few other folks, such as Unsilent Majority from KSK and myself got in a few good ones. Needless to say, these 140 character wishes/hopes/nightmare scenarios became a good way to crack up other bloggers, scare fans and create hilarious jumping off points for future .gif files, photoshops and so much more.

I implore you all to get in on the fun, follow me or Matt and amaze the Twitterati with your prescience and/or sadistic expectations for our favorite NBA stars in these unpredictable months.

If you don’t do Twitter (or don’t want to do Twitter) then drop some comments in the box. But remember, only 140 characters – this is a challenge! And don’t forget the #hashtag.

Some of the favorites from last night include:

Unsilent: Andray Blatche will be injured after getting rolled by a convincing transvestite prostitute. His jumper will regress. #offseasonpredictions

Devine: Andre Iguodala’s going to get way into the one-man shows of John Leguizamo. I mean, INTO ’em. Like, quoting “Miggy’s.” #offseasonpredictions

Corndogg: Gilbert Arenas starts the microtweeting trend. Just 21 characters n a .gif file. He coins it blippering. #offseasonpredictions

Corndogg: Ricky Rubio visits Memphis. Decides he likes dry rub ribs n being close to tunica. Decides to work out 4 grizz #offseasonpredictions

Corndogg: Glen “big baby” Davis stars in the new Tyler perry joint: Good Will.I.Am Hunting. #offseasonpredictions

See you in the comments and on Twitter, you wild and crazy guys gals folks internet hooligans.

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