Reality’s Hanging Out Somewhere Around Here: Magic vs. Sixers Series Notes

  • I supposed you’re wondering why I haven’t written more about this series.
  • Not going to lie. I’m annoyed. Annoyed at Philadelphia for vastly outperforming its projected potential. At Orlando for panicking and falling apart. At Chris Webber for ignoring how good this team has been at more than threes this year and for talking about them being a poor passing team. At Rafer Alston in general.
  • Let me point out an example of what I’m talking about. Thaddeus Young is an awesome NBA player. Also  a really nice guy I talked to last year. Big, burly, talented, athletic. He’s in the mold of the players I obsess over. He’s also a 34% career 3 point shooter. 34%.
  • He’s was shooting over 70% until tonight in this series from the arc. He was shooting close to 40% better from the arc.
  • Louis Williams is a career 32% shooter. In this series? 44%.
  • Rashard Lewis was shooting 40% this season. In this series before tonight? 37%.
  • Sensing a pattern?
  • This series isn’t about matchups or hustle or effort or talent. It’s about shooting percentages. It’s a data anomaly. And tonight, the mean came crashing back down on Philadelphia. It’s not that they’re a mediocre team.
  • Well, okay, yeah, they’re mediocre.
  • And Orlando has played down to their level, while Donyell Marshall and Theo Ratliff have put in significant minutes. And with Howard out for the next game (stupid, stupid elbow), it’s going to come down to whether the anomaly holds or dissolves as it did tonight.
  • I will now say something that pains me very greatly.
  • Andre Iguodala is a very good NBA player who has almost earned his contract this year.
  • Now get off my lawn.

Matt Moore

Matt Moore is a Senior NBA Blogger for's Eye on Basketball blog, weekend editor of Pro Basketball Talk on, and co-editor of Voice on the Floor. He lives in Kansas City due to an unbelievably complex set of circumstances and enjoys mid-90's pop rock, long walks on the beach and the novels of Tim Sandlin.