Bulls at Celtics Game 2 Notes: It’s Not A Celebration Song, It’s A Funeral Dirge

  • Hey, great game from Ray Allen absolutely phenomenal play from one of the league’s best. His catch and shoot was simply lightning.
  • Great job on the offensive glass by Perkins. It was dirty, it was brutal, it was playoff glasswork. Great job. Had some nice drop hooks, too.
  • Excellent job on closing off Rose. They brought the LeBron man-help special (second level double inside the arc on the player’s strong hand side, third defender low, squared to Rose).  Perkins said Rose wouldn’t have that kind of game again, and he was right.
  • And you know what I got from this game?
  • The Celtics are dead.
  • Dead, I tell you. Maybe not this round, but at some point in these playoffs, they are going to find themselves against a team with more than one offensive set.
  • Look, this is not a great team they’re playing. They’re certainly playing great. But they’re not a great team. They’re short their best wing player. They have a terrible coach. Their best pure scorer lacks size. Their bigs don’t have big frames. And they have no experience.
  • And yet look at this game.  Rose and Hinrich had five fouls in the first half.  The Celtics were allowed to hack as much as they wanted in the lane. I’m not saying that’s wrong. They’re at home in a playoff series and they’re the champs. They’re supposed to get the calls. That’s how it works. Glen Davis had 26 points on mostly 15 footers. Allen had a huge game. And they still needed a drifting three with 2 seconds left to win this game at home.
  • Anybody out there still doubt me that Pierce is injured? Guys got no lift.
  • Rondo is a killer on the break. He’s so good at recognizing weakness in transition. If the Bulls weren’t completely back off misses, Rondo would hit ludicrous speed and get at the rack.
  • The only problem I have with Rondo is every freaking game he has an injury that he “toughs”through. The first four times he did it I was worried about it. When he went down tonight I was like “He’ll be back. He’s never actually hurt.” Then I saw the replay and thought he might actually be seriously hurt. Nope. Taped the ankle and came back. I know he got hurt, I just never see him hurt enough to leave the game.
  • Let me give you a complete rundown of what Vinny Del Negro thinks an offensive playbook is.
  • Play #1: Derrick Rose sets up at the key. Brad Miller comes out for a pick. The defense ignores Miller and focuses on Rose. Rose swings it back to Brad Miller. Brad Miller turns the ball over.
  • That concludes our complete rundown of what Vinny Del Negro considers an offensive playbook.
  • Tyrus Thomas erases the dreams of men. Thomas’ inability to get rebounds hurt the Bulls, but he also almost single-handedly stopped three possessions at the end of both halves.
  • Joakim Noah did the exact right thing against Perkins. Don’t be intimidated. Talk at ém.
  • Watching the Celtics yapping at this seven seed. Kind of sad, no?
  • Look, KG is a first ballot Hall of Famer and a tremendous player. But does he not run his mouth the most when he’s either on the bench or walking away? At least he hung out on the bench and gave the bigs some direction. And you could see it hleped.
  • I fully expected the Celtics to blow this team out by 20. So to watch them constantly be baffled by them, to need players who aren’t that good to play well above their potential, to be constantly stretched from tip-off to buzzer, there’s not that much positive to take from this. They barely won a game they were supposed to win.
  • Had the Bulls won, I was prepared to provide a full apology to Ben Gordon. As it stands, the theory that a team with Ben Gordon as its superstar cannot succeed holds true. But that’s just me being stubborn. If Gordon had gotten the ball with time remaining, the Bulls would have won. That’s how good he was tonight. I was rooting. For Ben Gordon. That’s how good he was tonight. A NOVA goes for naught.
  • And no, Ray Allen did not go Nova. You do not reach NOVA status if you need four screens to get the shot off.
  • But you do get to be called Jesus, so that ain’t bad.

Matt Moore

Matt Moore is a Senior NBA Blogger for CBSSports.com's Eye on Basketball blog, weekend editor of Pro Basketball Talk on NBCSports.com, and co-editor of Voice on the Floor. He lives in Kansas City due to an unbelievably complex set of circumstances and enjoys mid-90's pop rock, long walks on the beach and the novels of Tim Sandlin.