Perhaps you were too busy with that silly Lebron/Wade matchup (ugh) or Russell Westbrook’s triple double (pshaw) last night to check out the true brilliance beaming forth at this start of March.

Yes indeed. The man, whose name is voluntarily joined by the words “salary” and “contract” in the first two entries on my Google search bar, finally showed his true colors. Yes, those colors are the road cone orange and electric blue of the OKC Thunder last night. Oh, this is not a joke – Malik Rose was forced got to play last night… and he scored 7 POINTS!

(Could not find any official picture of Malik in OKC gear. Please pass along if you are more fortunate, readers.)

Malik has only scored 10 points since THANKSGIVING. That is not a typo. The sadist in me continues to wish that Durant and Green sit out with injuries so we can get more of this wonderment. The human in me wishes we could just get back to normal. Kept that purty smile on the sidelines, Malik. We don’t want you in there battling for boards – putting those pearly whites in harm’s way.

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