Morning Bell – 2.26.2009

Thing That Might Cause My Divorce

I’ve been married for exactly two months today.  As I’ve mentioned before, my wife is a big Devin Harris fan.  They’ve hugged.  So last night, we were watching the Bulls/Nets game and she says, “my allegiance is torn.  Do I root for my school?  Or my hometown team?”  Then she giggled and said, “I’m rooting for Devin, DUH.”  So that was fun.

Diametrically opposed to my own wife for two hours, I was pretty happy with the Bulls taking a lead in to the fourth quarter.  Then Devin Harris decided to test the strength of my marriage.  What a jerk.  19 in the final frame and 42 for the game.  He’s seriously a great player, probably the best point guard in the East.

Of course, the Nets ended up winning, pulling even with the Bulls in the fight for the 8th seed in the East.  And my wife was happy that her other boyfriend had such a great game.  I was generally just confused at how I could go away from the game for five minutes to print some return address labels and come back to the Bulls being down by 10. 

We’re still married, but I’m worried Devin Harris might come steal her away in the fourth quarter.


More on the Bulls/Nets?  Okay!

What a terrible time to lose for the Bulls (alternate version: Great time to get a win for the Nets.).  With Milwaukee and Detroit both losing last night, the Bulls could have tied the Bucks for the 8th seed, while distancing themselves from the Nets and Knicks (also losers last night).  Instead, I had to fear for my livelihood.  You win some, you lose some, I guess.

Thing I Don’t Know About

The Celtics lost to the Clippers?  That really happened?  I didn’t see the game, so it’s kinda hard to believe; but according to every source I’ve seen the Clippers scored more points than the Celtics.  This seems dubious.

Unknown Source