RIP: Paul To Chandler Alley-Oop; Hornets’ Playoff Chances

Stein’s got word and I’m hearing this is legit.

I could wax poetic on how glorious it is for OKC, but that wouldn’t be right. The Hornets were one bad shooting night away from the Western Conference Finals last season, and now are likely headed for a first round exit thanks to either the economy of predictable thrift, depending on your view.  The Hornets are likely to have absolutely nothing inside as a result, unless Paul can will Joe Smith or Wilcox into genius which is kind of unlikely. They let Pargo go, now they trade Chandler. What misery the future has brought.

We’ll talk about OKC in a bit, and at least that is a glorious revolution in process.

For right now, though, we should get this out of the way. If it was almost certain before, now all hope is gone.



Matt Moore

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