And the 4th Member of the GEICO Tournament is…

Rob has started a lobbying campaign to get J.R. Smith in the Dunk Contest. Well, consider this my official campaign to add one more person to the already impressive field for the GEICO (man I love the sound of that) competition. But we need some transcendant, someone powerfully creative and unpredictable.

Someone with so much imagination that, much like KG claims, “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”

A man with such an alarmingly brilliant stroke, supreme creativity and the gusto to try shots that mere mortals like Durant, Johnson or Mayo could even comtemplate.

A man with ethereal hints of beauty even in the formative designs of his attempts.

A man, who has literally, had the Worst Possession Ever.


How in the world can the other 3 compete with this. Game Over. There is no way they can duplicate such brave feats, such marvelous execution, such specific failure. It is a suck that is so awful, it is exactly what is meant to be. Missed jumper, pshaw I say. Try and duplicate that Kevin, Joe and O. J., I dare you.

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