There’s the MJ We All Know and Love!

The Boris Diaw/Raja Bell deal was pretty strange.  It worked out a little too well for the Bobcats, a little too neatly considering they gave up Jason Richardson, who was perceived to be the best player in the trade.  Maybe he had to get the one good trade idea out of his system, because Michael Jordan’s back to making moves that make no sense, dealing Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown to the Lakers for Space Cadet Vlad Radmanovic.

Adam Morrison isn’t too good as an NBA player, but here’s what he’s not: a complete waste of considerable salary for the next three seasons.  Supposing that the Bobcats still hadn’t seen anything out of Morrison that they liked by the end of the season, they could cut him loose by refusing to pick up his team option (of over $5 mil).  Considering how Ammo has started his NBA career, they’d be perfectly justified.  But instead of refusing to pay Morrison $5 million, they just agreed to pay a marginal player over $19 million for the next three seasons.  Vlad will have his games where makes this deal look genius, exploding for 30-something points and playing decent D.  Then he’ll disappear for the rest of the week, shooting 2-23 over three games and drawing comparisons that are insulting to turnstiles everywhere.

The real downer for the ‘Cats just might be losing Shannon Brown.  The headlines will tell you “Morrison for Radmanovic,” but Shannon Brown has actually posted the highest PER of the three this season.  Brown isn’t a fantastic player and he isn’t as consistent as he should be, but he still makes quite a difference on the court.  You may not believe me, but I’m sure the Lakers do; Brown played a key role down the stretch for the Bobcats in the double-overtime victory in L.A..

All in all, Charlotte’s sending a young, struggling prospect (but notably still a prospect) and a nice role player for a veteran who still makes ‘rookie mistakes,’ couldn’t get his head screwed on right to satisfy Phil Jackson (he’s going to love Larry Brown), and tends to disappear.  Oh, and just forget about that $13 million dollars or so you’ll be losing.  You probably didn’t need it anyway.

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