If the Well Runs Dry (Or Overfloweth with Redick), Find Another Well

I was going to title this post “In Lue of Jameer,” but I thought better of it.

The Magic traded Keith Bogans to the Bucks for some cashola and good ol’ Tyronn Lue, everyone’s favorite former Hawk/Laker/Magic/Mav/Wizard who apparently once ‘shackled’ Allen Iverson.  Right.  I’ve gotta say, I like this deal for Orlando, though.  Going into the season, it was a bit perplexing that Milwaukee would spend over $2 mil on a third-string point without room to grow.  Now we know why: so they could eventually trade him to the Magic and keep the Redick man down.  Word.

Lue is 32 and a step slow, but he can still run and offense and is a much better shooter on the whole than Anthony “The Acrobat” Johnson.  We’re done with ripping AJ for now, but I will say this: he’s not going to go for 25 every night.  He won’t even go for 10 every night.  There will be times where it would be wise for Orlando to have a back-up plan that doesn’t involve Redick or a rookie shooting guard playing point.  Tyronn Lue gives them that flexibility, and this deal makes a lot of sense for them given Courtney Lee’s rise and Keith Bogan’s growing dispensability.  Good work, Otis.

Bogans happens to be a perfect fit in the Skilesian school of hard-nosed, hard-working players with limited offensive skill sets.  Hey, if Malik Allen and Dan Gadzuric can find a place with the Bucks, I’m sure Bogans can log some minutes in the empty vacuum that was once The Great Hitch-Shot Hope, Michael Redd.  Will Bogans make a huge difference?  Doubtful.  He’s just not that kind of player.  But he should bolster a Milwaukee defense that lacks a true wing stopper.  Ridnour and Sessions have been nice this season, but neither is a Ruben Patterson DeShawn Stevenson Bruce Bowen Ron Artest, amIright?

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