Morning Bell – 2.04.2009

Thing That Is Still Readily Apparent

I watched the Bulls game last night with my best friend.  He’s a basketball fan, but not necessarily a huge NBA fan.  However, he likes basketball since he is a basketball fan.  As a basketball fan near Chicago, he likes to watch the Bulls play basketball, so last night we watched the Bulls play basketball.

It couldn’t have been past the halfway point of the first quarter that he declared, “if the Bulls would just play Thomas he would be so good.”  I concur, obviously.  We went on to discuss the various talking points when you watch the Bulls: the Aaron Gray conundrum, how good Derrick Rose is, the fact that they often play a line-up of all top 10 picks, how good Derrick Rose is, and how much Vinnie Del Negro looks like one of our friends.  However, I thought that quote about Tyrus Thomas was most illuminating.

As I eloquently stated above, this fellow is not a huge NBA fan, but he’s a Bulls fan.  He knows basketball very well and I trust his opinions and observations.  But if he can see that the Bulls have a potentially big piece on their hands, that they’re squandering, why can’t Del Negro see it?  That’s probably not fair, because I’m sure he “sees” it, but why jerk around his (and Noah’s) minutes like he does?

The Bulls aren’t playing for a championship this year (or next year…), so there’s no need to constantly be shuffling players in and out of the line-up.  Last night, he played 37 minutes and had a double-double.  Sure, he took too many jumpers and had the worst +/- of the night, but that’s okay for him.  He’s a very young player who still needs to develop.  The Bulls need to ensure that doesn’t happen for another team.  Why not use this second half as an extended audition for all of their young players, to see what they’ve really got?

Thing That I Think Hurts Ben Gordon

Ray Allen is very, very good.  He is a shooting guard who played at the University of Connecticut, and he was a top 5 pick.  These things also apply to Ben Gordon.

One may logically project Ray Allen on to Ben Gordon, given the similarities.  But Ben Gordon isn’t Ray Allen, but that’s too bad; it’d be great if Ben Gordon were more like Ray Allen.

Thing I’m Pretty Proud About

Circa draft time, I was fairly confident that Brook Lopez was going to be a real player in the League.  And now he is.  Win.

Thing I Feel Confident Predicting

If the San Antonio Spurs do not play Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili during the playoffs, they will not win the championship.


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