First Reaction to TNT’s HORSE Contest Announcement



Love v. Joe Johnson v. Hedo Turkoglu v. Kevin Martin

Everyone’s going to complain if it’s not amazing. Everyone’s going to complain if the stars aren’t in it. I beg you, keep your head. They’re test-driving. Hey, TNT may not even use current players, they may have Reggie Miller vs. C-Webb or some disaster. But it could be great.  However, the odds of a Kobe or LeBron or even Steve Nash being involved are slim, considering the time investment and potential embarrassment. Can you imagine if Kobe had an off day and Kevin Love beat him in HORSE? Yeah, not happening.

Banning dunks is a pretty standard rule, but it’ll be interesting to see who goes to the layup. Also, wouldn’t a rookies v. sophomores one of these be amazing? Three best, best two out of three? Durant-Thornton-Green vs. Bayless-Gordon-Beasley?

Oh, the possibilities!

D-LEAGUE tested this last year. Now if I can only get them to commit to a one-on-one tournament.

UPDATE: Important to note it’s not an official NBA Event, but a TNT Event. So this means we could have the chick from the Closer versus Tyler Perry. Ye Gods. Turner, don’t make us angry.

Matt Moore

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