Holy Saint Francis, What a Change Is Here

Turns out Memphis was never really that into rap-rock, and decided to waive the shell of former All-Star Steve Francis.

Just how far has Francis’ career plummeted?  He was once a hero in Houston, the face that energized a struggling team and was to unite with Yao Ming to make some sort of bastardized championship contender.  Not only did Houston essentially shove him on Memphis for cap space, the Chronicle managed to scrap together an emotional tear-jerker of a four-sentence blurb.

Now Stevie will do his best to audition for the contenders, in hopes that he might cling on to the underbelly of a giant.  Teams that are light in the backcourt might be inclined to pick him up, although his instincts as a playmaker were never great and his scoring was hardly efficient.  Still, teams that are thin at point guard (Phoenix, Orlando, and Atlanta come to mind…sorry, Anthony Johnson) might take a looksie.

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